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Design Bali Welcomes You To Bali  

Bali--which means "offering" and is popularly known as the "Island of the Gods"--had cast its spell on them. It's a religion oasis where two million Hindus, out of a 2.8 million of total population, live and breathe their faith 24 hours a day.Bali lies in Southeast Asia just eight degrees south of the equator and directly on the volcanic belt of the world. Peppered with mountains, lakes, rivers and forests, and histories, it has 2,147 square miles of fertile land, most of them are beautifully cultivated. Legend told that the Supreme God, Ida Sanghyang Widi Wasa, created the sky for Gods, the Earth for animals and ocean for fish. He decided to create men in an earthly paradise. Pulling a fish from the water, he held it to the light. Then the tail became the Kutri peninsula, gills to Lake Bator, and backbone to the range of mountains shimmering across the length and breadth of the island.

Bali has an extraordinary sense of community. It is a blend between Western ideals of liberty and individualism and the faith of the God's possession. When someone is asked about his property, for example, he will say, "It's not my land anyway. Only Gods can own land. Humans just borrow it for awhile." This sense is believed by the Balinese to prevent the differentiation between rich and poor. By following that one people will always be sharing, even their live. Bali has 20,000 public temples excluding the family ones which are every Hindus family owned. Each celebrates its dedication anniversary, which is frequent, because the Balinese lunar year lasts just 210 days compared with 365 or 366 days of the solar one. Anybody will always find a temple festival every day even when he isn't in home, since many temples found almost in every place. But watch what you wear--modest clothing with a sash is the rule for everyone. With Bali's powerful belief that religion is woven into every part of life, it's no wonder that the Balinese Youth Group tells brothers and sisters worldwide: "Keep Hinduism, it's the great religion. All must learn its essentials. We must be strong in faith and devotion. God will always bless us."

Design Bali - About Us  

Bali is an exotic island that offering a diverse range of setting that suit to every taste....including Your Taste....but it is still important for you to be assisted by the right team in making your ideas and desires into reality.

Proudly we introduce ourselves as a collaborative effort of skilled design professionals in Architecture and Interior to fulfill your desire. Our trustworthy creative team will always pay full attention to every detail to guarantee your perfect satisfaction, and we consist of: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Artwork Design, Project Management, Civil Engineering, and Villa Management.

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